Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing,

there is a field.  I’ll meet you there.


When the soul lies down in that grass,

the world is too full to talk about.


Ideas, language, even the phrase each other

doesn’t make any sense.

From Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks

Have you ever stopped to reflect on the fact that we get exactly what we ask for? All desire for experience, every answer to every question is given freely. What questions are you asking? What are asking for in your life?

The Buddha said that all desire leads to suffering. Why? All desire draws us deeper into the dense world of materiality and the relative perspective of the personality.

So what is our real job here in this world? What is the solution? I suggest it is to reach that point where we stop asking. And when we do this, everything is given. When we rest in the stillness of the Absolute, there is nothing that is not possible. Mountains can be moved; waters can be parted. Whole worlds can be created.

But do we need to do that? No. We then rest so deeply there is absolutely nothing to do. This is, by definition, the Absolute. There is no desire to gather experience or knowledge. There is certainly no desire to gather things. There is only rest, only silence, only stillness. From that immeasurable, infinitesimally tiny point we call the Absolute, our perspective is transformed. Now, we are able to give from a place of stillness and rest. This giving is huge. It is unquantifiable. It is the embodiment of infinite love. It is why we are here. Now, truly, all things are possible and magic is inevitable.

I urge you to find this place of unconditional giving. All other experience pales in comparison with it.

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.

Don’t go back to sleep.


You must ask for what you really want.

Don’t go back to sleep.


People are going back and forth across the doors

where the two worlds touch.


The door is round and open.

Don’t go back to sleep.

From Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks


Jelaluddin Rumi, the 13th century mystic poet, was truly one of the most passionate and profound poets in history.  Now, today his presence still remains strong, due in part to how his words seem to drip of the divine, and startle a profound remembrance that links all back to the Soul-Essence.  Born in what is present day Afghanistan in 1207, he produced his master work the Masnawi which consists of over 60,000 poems before he died in 1273.  The best way to fully say in words his impact, is that he has the ability to describe the

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