Hiker on the Appalachian Trail

 “In the summer of 1952 Mildred Norman hiked the entire length of the 2,050 mile Appalachian Trail. She was the first woman to accomplish this feat….On January 1, 1953 Mildred became the Peace Pilgrim and began her first walk across America from coast to coast. Over the next 28 years she was to walk more than 25,000 miles, carrying in her blue tunic her only possessions. She lived a pilgrim’s life, in utter simplicity and spiritual trust. She walked and talked her message: ‘This is the way of peace—overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth and hatred with love.’ The Peace Pilgrim’s life was born in a vision that came to Mildred Norman at the end of the Appalachian Trail and it was to be her life mission: a pilgrimage for peace.”

The above words are from (or inspired by) the booklet Peace Pilgrim: An Extraordinary Life by Ann Rush with John Rush

Some years ago, while living in Peria in the Far North, I received a vision. It is a vision in which every land is traversed with walking trails, trails which transcend borders. Along each trail are planted (by the children of each country) durable species of fruit and nut-bearing trees. These trails will be part of a worldwide network of Paths for Peace. Imagine young men and wome – instead of seeking initiation into adulthood through alcohol, drugs, thrill-seeking or war – walking the length and breadth of their countries for peace. They shall be sustained along these walks by the edible foods planted there.

Peace Pilgrim was one woman working for peace with single-minded purpose. Imagine thousands or even millions of similarly dedicated souls collectively creating a world of peace—with their hands (planting) and their feet (walking). Imagine a world without borders united by carefree, healthy, happy hikers singing songs of peace.

Imagine a multitude of Paths for Peaceresplendent in beauty and diversity of flora and fauna, climate and terrain – representing the incredible diversity of the human family. These diverse Paths for Peace will represent the unique path towards peace each of us walks daily and the unique paths to peace each of the world’s religions represent.

This is my vision for peace. Will you help it to manifest by holding it in your heart?


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