A friend of mine on Facebook, Jeannie Whyte sent a message to the members of Psychic & Spiritual Collaboration group. I am pasting it below because Jeannie is enunciating her awareness that world peace is inevitable, something I totally agree with. I thank her for working for a positive present and future for all the inhabitants of this planet. Join the peace train. It’s mostly in our minds.


Dear wonderful friends,

It is said that if just 1%
(or some other
very small number)
of the ENTIRE world population
were to meditate
for just 5 minutes a day,
world peace could be attained.

Will you join me in AFFIRMING that
this has already happened?

By making an affirmation, you,
as a SOUL, made in
the image and likeness of God, your creator,
are powerful and can do all things.

Therefore, claim your divine birthright
and claim what is rightfully
yours to live in PEACE and HARMONY
on your beautiful MOTHER EARTH.

One of our members, Robert, has asked that
we use Twitter and if you’d like to,
please do so because the more
often we AFFIRM something,
the more powerful it becomes.

However, feel free to do whatever
you feel led to raise
your vibration/consciousness
to align with the “good” that
lives within you.

You already are GOOD and PERFECT and you
can choose to move
away from duality.

REMEMBER to choose to align yourself with
your SOUL qualities, which are all GOOD

YOU are already a DIVINE BEING and if anyone
has ever told you otherwise
they were not telling YOU
the truth.
So RELEASE that limiting belief, my friends.

I love you and I AFFIRM our DIVINITY and PEACE ON EARTH!

Love, light and in sincere gratitude,
Jeannie Whyte

Spiritual Life Coach/Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner
http://www.facebook.com/l/d95f 1


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