Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.– Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today it is estimated there are 27 million slaves worldwide, the highest number ever and twice the number of Africans transported during the entire transatlantic slave trade. The only countries where slaves cannot be found at present are Iceland and Greenland.

 ‘What?’ you ask. ‘Slavery was abolished 150 years ago.’ Well, I’m sorry to say, it is alive and sort of well today.

There is good news. That 27 million slaves is the smallest percentage of the entire global population in recorded history. Slavery is illegal in all nations of the world. Yet, people (including children) are still forced to work without pay for economic reasons, often doing horrendous, environmentally destructive jobs.

Slavery is happening right here in Aotearoa. New Zealand is a source country for underage girls trafficked internally for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation. It is also reportedly a destination country for women from Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, the People’s Republic of China, Eastern Europe, and other Asian countries trafficked into forced prostitution. For more read below:


But, slavery can be beaten. I urge you to visit the blog of my new Twitter friend @AbolitionistJB to find out more, watch compelling video coverage, and see how you can help. I congratulate John Burger (@AbolitionistJB) for taking a stand as an abolitionist of slavery. Will you help this cause for justice? Visit John’s site here:


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