While sorting through somes papers I came across the following story which I’ve taken the liberty of modifying. I hope you enjoy it.

In the late 1970s when American weren’t in great demand, there was a guy who owned a Chrysler dealership in a small Midwestern town. He wasn’t doing well. His competitors, selling Hondas, Toyotas and other Japanese cars, had customers lining up to buy their small, fuel-efficient vehicles, while he pined for even one person to enter his dealership to look at his gas guzzlers.

One day this unsuccessful car dealer went fishing and caught a little goldfish which, to his surprise said, “Please sir, I am a special fish with magical powers. Let me go and I’ll grant you one wish.” The guy thought to himself, What have I to lose? and set the fish free.

The fish thanked him and told him to write his wish on a piece of paper and put it under his pillow and sleep on it. In the morning his wish would be fulfilled.

So that night the man wrote, ‘I wish to own a foreign car dealership in a large cosmopolitan city.’ He put the paper under his pillow and the last thing he thought of before falling asleep was, Here goes nothing.

Next morning he woke up in Tokyo owning a Chrysler dealership.

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