Ecklonia Radiata: Stalked Kelp

My special recent guest on Voices from the North goes by the name of Hiram Earthworm for media purposes. He’s a man who’s done much to develop natural, organic means to assist plant growth in New Zealand: from commercial crops of kiwifruit and strawberries to home vegetable gardens. Listen to this interview to get inspiration for the garden. I guarantee you’ll be collecting seaweed from the beach and increasing the size of your compost area after listening to Hiram Earthworm. He even speaks of the use of Neem oil to combat head lice. Required listening for all gardeners.

Listen to the complete interview here:

Hiram also highly recommends chicken manure for adding ammonia nitrate to the soil and compost.

Here’s a link to a blog on the benefits of a common New Zealand Seaweed, Ecklonia Radiata (a stalked kelp), for the garden. It’s the stuff I pick up from the beach regularly.



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