Tradition is the illusion of permanence.

Woody Allen

My special returning guest on Voices from the North was Colin MacDonald. Last time we focused on his own music from the CD Time to Shine. This time around we play snippets of selections of the best of what he features on his weekly radio show, Diamonds in the Dust. Interspersed between the music is a dialogue that ranges from the healing and transformative power of music to the importance of listening.

Colin considers himself to be on a couple of missions. One is to bring to listeners some of the best music they’ve never heard on the radio. This is not to disparage the hits that get aired on mainstream radio. It is just that these excellent songs are only the tip of the iceberg of the amazing music that is out there.

He also wants to get people back to really listening to music; listening with their eyes closed so they can deeply feel the effect of the selection. As Colin says, something like 80% of our perceptions come through our eyes and visual stimuli are extremely powerful. But there is also great power and benefit to be had from deeply listening to great music.

The songs played during the hour cross borders nationally and musically. We discuss the challenges of getting music across the cultural chasms of borders. Here’s what you’ll hear:

  1. Bjork: Venus as a Boy
  2. Procol Harum: Hotel Grand
  3. Gino Vanelli: People Gotta Move
  4. Steely Dan: FM
  5. Take 6: Gold Mine
  6. Tom Waits: Heart Attack
  7. Frankie Laine: City Boy
  8. Herd: Paradise Outro
  9. Genesis: Blood on the Rooftops
  10. Allan Parsons Project: Eagle Will Rise


Listen to the complete interview here:

My previous interview with Colin can be found here:

The interview is fun as Colin throws in excellent vocal impressions from the likes of Nelson Mandela and Michael Caine. And we discuss the art of creativity and the great inspiration of Walter Russell in that regard. Look for the little book on the creative life of Walter Russell entitled The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe by author Glenn Clark. The book punches way above its weight.

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