We can each work with the principle of ‘going with the flow.’ The following words arrived in my inbox today and I choose to work with them and post them here. Enjoy and may you meet little resistance as you ‘work with the willing’ and fulfill your purpose today and always.


The Force is with you. Are you with the Force?


      The story is told of a village butcher who never needed to sharpen his knife. When a customer asked him why his knife was always sharp, he explained, “I never try to force the knife past resistance. When I come to gristle or bone, I just cut around it. That way I get what I want and leave everything else alone.”

       “Work with the willing” is one of the most valuable principles I use in my work. I apply it almost daily in my work, relationships, prosperity, and health. Here are some ways to work with the willing:

  1. Work with people who are willing to do what they say they will do.
  2. Work with the willing part of your mind and heart. Where does your willingness live?  Are your letting your willingness guide you, or are you forcing yourself to do things you are not truly willing to do?
  3. Work with the part of others that is willing. Everyone really wants to do something. If you can find what that is and invite it to come forth, you will have the power and joy of a highly motivated person on your team.
  4. Work with what the universe is willing to do. There is a flow to life, or, as Lao Tse called it, “The Tao.” There is a stream of well being that is forcefully yet gracefully moving life to greater good. That stream is your best friend. If you deny it or buck it, you will get nowhere. If you can sense what wants to happen, and let it happen or help it happen, you will have the power of God behind you.

      Today notice if you are trying to force your knife through gristle, or finding the soft area. You may not need to sharpen your knife as much as you think you do.

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