We become what we believe. The state of the world reflects our collective beliefs.

The power of love will ultimately overcome the love of power in this world and peace will prevail. Physical violence will stop. Psychological violence will take a little longer, but it too shall melt away. Peace will prevail. Inner peace is our natural state. Unfortunately in many of us it is obscured by a perceptual blanket of false and negative beliefs.

We share the same planet but we all live in different worlds. What you see is different from what I see. What we each see is not delivered from some outer source, independent of our choice. No, what we see is a direct result of the lens of perception we each choose.

Our individual experiences reflect our deeper beliefs. If we choose to see violence, hatred and war, we invite these scenarios into our lives. If we choose to see gentleness, love and peace we shall in time experience a world reflecting these chosen perceptions.

I received an email a couple of days ago from a Zen monk living alone in a redwood forest near Santa Cruz, California. He found me on the internet by doing a google search for ‘World Peace is Inevitable’. Here’s part of what he wrote:

I’ve greatly enjoyed reading your endorsement of the fact that world peace is inevitable. A few of the organizations I’m involved with here in the States as well as in Europe are beginning a global movement to spread the phrase “World Peace Is Inevitable,” and I figured I’d email you to tell you about it. 

Here’s some interesting information that you may not have been aware of: If you google the phrase in quotes “World Peace Is Inevitable,” there will be about 435,000 results that come up initially. However, this is extraordinarily misleading. If you click on page 10 of the results, you will see that in fact there are only 85 to 90 worldwide uses of the phrase on the internet. 

Now, if you google in quotes the phrase “the world is going to end,” there are 226,000,000 world wide uses of the phrase on the internet. I think we can both agree that this royally sucks!

So what we are doing is beginning to write the phrase on money bills, creating t-shirts, stickers, and encouraging people on the internet to use the phrase as much as possible. We are connecting with university students in Europe and here in the States and getting a lot of students on board for this world wide movement. 

Over the years when I’ve spoken about the inevitability of world peace I’ve more often than not received responses such as, ‘We’ve always had war and always will have.’ When we think and speak in such a way we are not acknowledging the immense power we have to affect change. If we all think that way, war is what we’ll get. There’s an expression that says, “If you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Likewise, if you always think how you’ve always thought, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. We are the creators. Our collective expectations do, in fact, shape this world in which we live. Change our thoughts, beliefs and expectations and the world around us changes. It’s as simple as that.

I invite you to join this monk, Billy Guilfoyle, and me and a growing group of people worldwide who embrace a brighter future for humanity and this planet. The future is our choice. Let’s jump on the Peace Train together and recognize that peace in ourselves, in our families, in our communities, in our countries and in the world is not only possible, it is inevitable. The timing is up to us. Let’s share the dream!



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