Water Crystal Depicting 'Joy' from Masaru Emoto's Work

In this Voices From the North interview John chats with Shelley Rademacher, an accomplished homeopath who outlines how homeopathy works—even looking at the genetic tendencies and sensitivities passed on to each of us by our grandparents. Shelley touches on allergies, the influences of radium (from microwave ovens, television and computers), genetically modified foods, mercury and electrical exposure (electric blankets etc.) She provides practical, down-to-earth solutions for everyone.

Other areas discussed are the effects of dairy products on the body, chlorine from swimming pools and drinking water, copper poisoning (including exposure when showering in homes with copper hot water pipes) Shelley focuses much of her talk on how these toxins affect children and how positively they can be treated with homeopathy.

Shelley specializes in the use of environmental antigens to treat chronic symptoms. She warns of the dangers of dioxins in tampons, feminine pads and disposable diapers and notes that dioxin-free diapers and organic feminine products are available. One of John’s favorite songs is played, a song called So Much Magnificence by Miten and the work with water crystals by Masaru Emoto is discussed.

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A warning. This is one of the first interviews I posted online and it begins with two minutes of music, not, the ten seconds I use today. The actual interview begins after that. Enjoy. There is information here that is important for human health.

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