My special guest on Voices from the North two nights ago was Steve Lockie. Steve has used natural ways to overcome clinical depression for himself and he works in the mental health field assisting others to do the same. This is an inspiring and illuminating interview. It has certainly opened my eyes to some of the extensive legal powers the psychiatric profession has today. Here’s the interview:

Steve Lockie provides encouraging words for anyone who is dealing with mental illness. As Steve points out, studies show that, at present, roughly one in two people will have a significant mental illness at some point in their lives. So, as you can see, mental illness is a hugely important issue in our present world.

One of the major challenges people diagnosed with mental illness have is the lack of support and, especially, understanding they receive from family, peers, colleagues and even sometimes from mental health professionals. Physical illness seems to be more acceptable for many and more openly discussed. Mental illness carries a taboo with it and is confronting to many of us.

How can we help those with depression? By listening with an open heart and through acceptance and understanding. Steve so rightly points out a myth about mental illness. So often, it is felt that it won’t go away, that healing is not possible. This is simply not true. Mental illness, like any other disease, can be healed when the appropriate steps are taken by the individual. In Steve’s case he turned to conscious breathing, rebirthing and bodywork. He has done over 150 rebirths and is a trained rebirther. He is also a qualified Thai masseuse and a talented musician and songwriter. We feature two of Steve’s beautiful, heart-centered songs in the course of the hour. They are from his soon to be released fourth album, No Time to Lose, which he produced himself in his sound studio.

Steve acknowledges the importance spirituality has played in his healing. This parallels the experience of my recent guest on Voices from the North who has overcome a lifetime of alcoholism. There is a common element here. The individual approaches of these two gentle men have been vastly different but the essence has been the same. Rather than focusing on their illnesses, they’ve each found ways to serve others. There’s a lesson in this.

Another myth Steve busted was that there is more violence amongst the mentally ill than within other segments of society. This is simply not true and may be (these are my ruminations here, not Steve’s) another justification to give incredible power to psychiatric professionals. Steve said, “They have more power than the police.” According to the law here in New Zealand, treatment can be forced on individuals diagnosed as mentally ill. There are safeguards, but the patient must receive treatment for at least two weeks before they can appeal the decision.

More than once in the hour Steve recommended the book, Models of Madness by Professor John Read of Auckland, Loren R Mosher and Richard P Bentall. The authors suggest there is no such thing as schizophrenia, it is simply a cluster of symptoms (different for each individual) to justify treatment with drugs proved by Big Pharma.. These three authors, who have collectively treated hundreds of people diagnosed with schizophrenia, justify with considerable research that the modern approach to treatment is creating more illness than it is healing.

Again, our complete interview can be heard here:

Steve mentioned the openness of All Black rugby legend John Kirwan suggesting the road to healing mental illness (in his case, depression) is not through toughing it out but through reaching out for help.

Finally, Steve and I spoke at some length about the 150 new labels for diseases being created each year. The bible for mental health professionals is the DSM-V. I can do no better than to share a few words from Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. For more I encourage you to visit Mike’s website, Natural News, and the full length report at:

These are Mike’s words:

NaturalNews, was initially created as a joke to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the fictitious diseases that are constantly created by the psychiatric industry. This hilarious online disease generator (…) allows you to instantly create your own fictitious diseases and disorders such as:

• Repetitive Dysmorphic Nose Picking Disorder With Itching (RDNPDWI)
• Oppositional Disorganized Speaking Disorder With Indigestion (ODSDWI)
• Chronic Bipolar Anticipation Dysfunction With Smelly Feet (CBADWSF)

Here’s the bizarre part: All of a sudden, the new psychiatric diagnostic manual (DSM-V) appears to have adopted as medical fact many of the disorders that were created by the Disease Mongering Engine!

This new manual, for example, now says that spending a lot of time thinking about sex is a disorder. (That immediately paints every teenage boy as “diseased.”)

Another new disease is “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” (ODD), which includes anyone who disagrees with authority. All those who are skeptical about the safety of vaccines, for example, are about to be diagnosed with ODD.

Children are no longer unhappy or throwing a temper tantrum, they are suffering from “Temper Dysregulation Disorder with Dysphoria.” (I’m not making this up…)

Are you cracking up yet? If George Carlin were still alive today, he’d go berserk over this… Carlin, of course, would have been diagnosed with countless psychiatric disorders just for being different in his own genius way.


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