Good health is natural. As we bring our lives into harmony with nature and natural living we quite spontaneously attain optimum health. I wish you health and abundant happiness.


1. Consider increasing the percentage of raw foods in your diet. Raw foods, with their enzymes intact, are known to vitalize the organism. You’ll gain energy and enthusiasm on such a diet. A point to consider: If you have to cook something to make it palatable, is it really suitable for consumption.

2. Simultaneously reduce all artificial stimulants: white sugar, caffeine, table salt, alcohol and drugs.

3. Substitute catarrh-forming foods with the more cleansing juicy and raw fruits and vegetables.

4. Periodically rest your body by fasting. To enable one to fast with greater ease, for a few weeks prior to the fast live mostly on raw fruits. Dr. Norman Walker warns against long, extended fasts. A one day fast once a week is an excellent way to give your body the rest it needs. You could consider making this a technology-free day, spending as much time as possible in nature.

5. Start your day with a few glasses of rainwater (or distilled water) to cleanse toxins set loose by the body at night.

6. The only true way to overcome disorders is through cleansing rather than through the suppression of symptoms.

7. Breathe deeply. This oxygenates the blood, helps purify the cells and organs and produces a peaceful state of mind.

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