Three times this story has arrived in my inbox in the last two weeks. I’m getting the message. It’s time to share it. Anyone reading my books or blogs knows I love synchronicity. Here’s a classic example from Dr. Larry Dossey.



For years a book had gathered dust in my library — The Starship and the Canoe, which deals with the real-life adventures of George Dyson, son of Freeman Dyson, the famous physicist.  The book describes how George built a replica of the ancient oceangoing canoes called bedarkas, which were used by the indigenous tribes of the Pacific Northwest, and it relates his remarkable adventures sailing the canoe up and down the coast of British Columbia.

Larry Dossey

When my wife and I were invited to speak at Hollyhock, a conference center on Cortez Island off the British Columbia coast, I finally decided to read this book.  I felt it would reveal some of the history of the area and make our visit more meaningful.  During our lengthy journey to the island, I became mesmerized by the account.  I could not put it down, and by the final ferry ride to the island I was on the final pages.

When we arrived at the conference center, our host offered to take us on a walk along the rocky beach.  A short distance above the high-tide line was a huge fallen tree, behind which a strange canoe rested upside down.  I had never seen anything like it.

Suddenly I was stunned:  I realized it was identical to George Dyson’s bedarka, which I’d been reading about on the journey to this particular spot.

“What’s that?” I stammered.

“Oh, that’s George Dyson’s bedarka, our guide replied.  “He parks it here on his trips up and down the coast.”

Go figure.

Larry Dossey, MD


From: Coincidence Or Destiny?: Stories of Synchronicity That Illuminate Our Lives By Phil Cousineau, Robert A. Johnson

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