“Accept whatever comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny,

 for what could more aptly fit your needs?”

Marcus Aurelius

Pete Smith, renowned actor and filmmaker, returns to Voices from the North and describes with eloquence his recent trauma (heart failure) and hospitalization which led to an extended experience of awakening. This is a tremendously inspiring talk in which Pete will motivate the listener to live in the present; to simply be. In doing nothing, nothing is left undone and all one’s needs are met—effortlessly.

We’re all here to remind each other to wake up from the ego-centred world. The ego draws sustenance from defence and attack, fear and worry and the desire for people and events to be different than they are. Pete’s story is an evocative call to let go of the ‘tapes’ of the past and rest in the stillness and connectedness of now.

Awakening to who we are is what we’re here for. As Pete’s friend Dean Turner writes, “It’s good to be alive when you’re living.”

I urge you to listen as this master storyteller weaves the tapestry of his recent enlightening experiences:

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