Last night on Voices from the North I had the pleasure of interviewing an extremely selfless and caring man. Erwin Alber is the founder of the Vaccination Information Network (VINE) which has been helping parents and their children for well over a decade. The VINE page on Facebook currently has over 4400 fans. I encourage you to visit and become a fan of this highly worthwhile cause:

Erwin Alber in Thailand

I call Erwin a selfless man. He does this work altruistically out of a genuine, heartfelt concern for the risks of vaccines with developing children. For a time around the turn of the millennium Erwin published a quarterly magazine called Informed Choices. He had hundreds of subscribers and in its pages gave numerous examples of the risks of vaccines and the experiences of families within the immunization arena.

There is one message from our interview it is imperative to pass on. Through his work with VINE Erwin has had contact with many families with children who have suffered vaccine-induced brain damage to some degree. In most of these cases there was a severe reaction in the child to a vaccine. This could have taken the form of screaming, convulsions, very high fever etc. When the concerned parents contacted their doctor it was explained that severe reactions are common in some children. And they were encouraged to continue vaccinating. It was the subsequent inoculation(s) that caused the debilitating, life-changing response. I cannot state too strongly here: if your child has an extreme reaction to a vaccination do not have them jabbed again. Take the time to get informed.

And aside from following the Vaccination Information Network (VINE) on Facebook here are two books Erwin recommends that can be very helpful for parents:

Dr. Leon Chaitow claims in his informative and extensively researched book, Vaccination and Immunization: Dangers, Delusions and Alternatives (What Every Parent Should Know), that research shows vaccines are of questionable efficiency in terms of long-term disease protection. When an outbreak of, say, measles occurs vaccinated children sometimes get the disease and unvaccinated children don’t.

Measles, mumps and chicken pox are childhood illnesses and many claim it is best to allow children to be exposed to these diseases. They then build up immunity for life. Erwin gave an example in the interview of German families getting together to have Measles Parties when there was an outbreak to ensure there children got the disease and then developed a natural, lifetime immunity.

James P. Hilton has written a book titled Burden of Proof : Surviving Cancer, AIDS, and Most Other Diseases. He writes that the viruses causing AIDS, cancers, leukaemia and lymphomas are present in the cultures with which vaccines such as those for measles, mumps, rubella, flu and polio are made.

Erwin has created a couple of offshoots of VINE on Facebook. The first, the Vaccine-Injury Support Network, contains video of neurosurgeon, author and lecturer Dr. Russell Blaylock and more. The second, the Childbirth Information Network, includes stories of childbirth and related issues.

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