From share trader and financial advisor to a strong and informed advocate for local resilience, Trevor Houghton has married his wealth of experience into a comprehensive whole. In this Voices from the North interview he shares some of the many transition initiatives already underway in Nelson that are bringing hope and strength to their community and readying themselves for the potential changes related to the post-oil world. The hour contains a clip from Transition Town founder, Rob Hopkins and part of Celine Dion’s awesome rendition of ‘‘Where is the Love?’

Al Gore had more than thirty years of experience with climate change. His message was simple. There are more than enough commercial solutions to solve this crisis. What’s lacking is the political will and the public focus. It’s up to the constituents to insisting on appropriate legislative support from their political representatives.

Trevor mentioned the idea of hunter/gatherer potluck feasts. All the food must be locally sourced through hunting or gathering it from gardens.

Trevor discussed micro-finance and the great benefit this has brought to third world people embroiled in generation slavery. For a site where you can help go to:

We looked at the present position and direction of Fontera and the New Zealand dairy industry as an example of an industrial agricultural model with globalisation problems.

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