We live in unprecedented times. On the one hand, it would appear that much goes wrong on the planet. All one needs to do to support this viewpoint is to read the daily newspaper.

On the other hand larger and larger groups of people gather together in peace with the clear intention of transforming the Earth into the peaceful paradise that is her destiny. I urge you to visit the following link to join in world wide meditations for just such a purpose.

In peace,

John Haines



Since time immemorial, human beings on Earth have longed for an idyllic past when all beings, small and great, lived in complete harmony in a place where peace, freedom and love reigned supreme. This mythical place is in fact an archetypical memory of a state of being our souls experience between each lifetime in the physical realm. Some call this ethereal place “Nirvana”, a word that in our culture evokes a state of perfect happiness and absolute bliss. Others call it “Heaven” and in every culture, this invisible realm is said to be where souls go to rest and enjoy the most sublime rewards for their good deeds while in embodiment. It has also been said that humans create their own heaven or hell here on Earth, depending on where the focus of their attention is and what their beliefs are. As fragments of the Omniversal Being at the origin of All That Is, we are each endowed with unimaginably powerful creative powers which can be fully tapped only when we align our little will with the greater will and purpose of life. As living expressions of the Grand Design of Creator Source, we have no reason to remain confined forever by the limiting perception of ourselves as mere mortals whose ultimate fate if to live a brief existence mired in an endless struggle to survive and find a modicum of happiness in a world that is often felt as violent, unpredictable and harsh. We can free ourselves from the self-imposed yoke that prevents us from stretching our wings and flying into the skies of endless freedom and creativity, namely, fear.

To melt away and dissipate fear from our mind, heart and soul, the antidote is simply to let Love be our basic and permanent state of being and sole perspective through which everything is sensed and seen. To fully grasp how simple it is to allow Love to be our guiding beacon in everything, one has only to think of the greatest joys and moments of deepest happiness experienced so far in this lifetime, and invariably one can but come to the conclusion that, each time, Love is what made them possible. The lesson is clear and the path is well marked. Love is the key to manifest Heaven on Earth, to transform our near hopeless situation into a resounding victory over fear, born from the self-destructive sense of separation that pits us against each other. Now its the time to rise above the miasma of our self-inflicted disconnection from the Universal Source of All and to cocreate, through our own metamorphosis, the dream world of ancient lore. Now is the time to let go of our past misconceptions about ourselves and to enable, through our own self-purification, the emergence of the true state of inner peace, unconditional love and perfect harmony that is our innate nature. Now is the time to BE All that We Are.

Joining in meditation with all other souls walking this Golden Path of Light, we are to immerse ourselves during the coming four weeks, and especially at the globally synchronized moments of soul communion every Sunday, in the sense of devotional love that permeates our being when we let the Presence of Creator Source grow in us until we know, while in blissful ecstatic communion, that we are One with and inseparable from All That Is. Reaching out to each other while in that state of perfect Love, we will catalyze and magnify the global transformation now underway that will soon elevate the overall vibratory rate of this planet and of all its inhabitants up to a state of permanent fusion and mutual sentience from which a near miraculous dispensation of Grace will usher in a new Golden Era, thus transducing Heaven on Earth, for the Highest Good of all as One.

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John Haines is the author of In Search of Simplicity: A True Story that Changes Lives, a startlingly poignant and inspiring real-life endorsement of the power of thought, belief and synchronicity in one’s life.