My agent in Frankfurt, the world’s largest book fair, indicated interest was way down this year due to the fragile worldwide economic situation and a rapidly changing publishing world. Still, I am delighted that publishers from The Netherlands, Spain and Korea are interested in publishing and translating In Search of Simplicity. It’s a start to reaching further with the story.

Bryan Flournoy

In Search of Simplicity is continuing to garner praise from readers and reviewers and I’m beginning to gain access to radio shows with more reach. I was interviewed yesterday by Bryan Flournoy who has put together a visionary series which includes such notable authors and visionaries as Dr. Bruce Lipton, Neile Donald Walshe, Joan Borysenko, Dr. Candace Pert, Byron Katie and many others. I feel privileged to be included in such illustrious and established company.

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John Haines is the author of In Search of Simplicity: A True Story that Changes Lives, a startlingly poignant and inspiring real-life endorsement of the power of thought, belief and synchronicity in one’s life.