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Here is an excellent post from a new Twitter friend, Manifesting Source. This is as clear and accurate a summary of synchronicity as I’ve found anywhere. Do follow Manifesting Source on Twitter and/or subscribe to the blog at

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October 29th, 2009 | Author: admin

Can you speak about the mechanics of synchronicity?

The whole notion that you hold about time must be reoriented if you are to have an understanding of the workings of what you call synchronicity and others refer to as coincidence. Indeed, from certain vantage points there are no accidents, no coincidences. We will reiterate that the appearance of the linear nature of time and the perception of cause and effect is simply a trick of the mind to create the illusion of predictability and control.

Your consciousness flickers in and out of myriad dimensions. The appearance of causality is a thread you weave through your perceptions to imagine yourself continuous, to conceive of yourself as more than the collection of your thoughts from one moment to the next. In truth, you are pure consciousness, thought forms made manifest in a grand and glorious dream. The linear concept of time enables you maintain the illusion that the physical plane is progressive, that life comprises a sequential parade of events, one leading into the next. Again, you look for evidence to support this perception of the world as a constant reinforcement, refusing to perceive the indicators of the deeper truth.

But you asked about synchronicity. The experience of synchronicity is an indicator of a deeper alignment of the events of consciousness. It is often the case that this alignment is significant enough to awaken one’s attention, with events that are so clearly connected by intention and yet sourced from such divergent origin as to awaken one to a sense of wonder. This is a significant moment, the moment of awareness. It is an opportunity to recognize a significant theme. When synchronicities are dramatic enough to garner attention, it is confirmation that you are in the flow of your soul’s direction, that the resistance and the density of the plane of material existence are momentarily lightened. Experiences of synchronous events are communications from the higher self that provide confirmation of the direction of the action at hand.

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