Here’s a note I received yesterday from a big-hearted friend, Siona, who’s the director of, the social network for people who really care about the planet. I urge you to read this and consider being part of something that benefits others through microfinancing.


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For the past two years, I’ve had the honor of introducing MicroPlace as one of our cherished partners for the holiday season. They’re an organization that enables everyday people to invest in microfinance, providing small loans to the working poor and allowing you to invest your money in a way that empowers and honors entrepreneurial members of the Global South.

This year, once more, they’re providing the means to open your circle of gift-giving, choosing a gift that touches not just your friend or loved one, but a family or entrepreneur on the other side of the world.

It’s a wonderful opportunity, and a wonderfully useful present. When you give the gift of a Microplace gift certificate, you’ll choose where to invest the money (be it a location like Africa, or to a particular cause, such as women entrepreneurs), and, when the investment matures, your loved one will get the money back to reinvest or remove to use in any way they wish.

 So instead of a holiday cluttered with stuff, your gift will first help empower others to support themselves, and, when the investment matures, your loved one can use the money on whatever they choose. (And, until supplies run out, when you buy a gift of over $20, you’ll get another gift of $20 to give to someone else for free! )

 And please help spread the word about Microplace to your own circle of friends, especially as the holidays near, and especially to those with large families! I think more and more people are looking for alternatives to the season of consumption, and this is one beautiful way to participate in the spirit in a far more meaningful way. The world we live in is growing smaller and smaller, and this is one way to make these connections more conscious, and more kind.