My special guest on Voices from the North Wednesday, October 21st was activist Ashiya Austin, co-founder of the Coalition for Humanity in Australia. Here’s a lady unafraid to speak from her heart contrary to messages perpetuated in mainstream media. I interviewed her two years ago when she visited New Zealand from her then home base of Byron Bay in New South Wales in Australia. At the time she was on a mission to protect the whales of the Southern Ocean from illegal whaling.

Now she has a new bee in her bonnet. She’s here to wake people up to the dangers of the Swine Flu vaccine and to the (as she claims) agenda behind the apparent scare of today. I urge you to listen to the interview. It has shades of Orwell’s 1984 or a Ludlum novel. And Ashiya claims it’s really happening. With the news in the last days in America I can hardly believe the timely nature of this interview. I’ve got some other pressing writing currently so this is it for now. I’ll be posting more soon.

Again, Ashiya outlines the dangers in the Swine Flu Vaccine and in the concerns she and others have of an agenda to use the vaccine to depopulate the world. Yes, you read this correctly. This is a controversial interview I urge you to listen to with an open mind. It contains an audio clip of retired Finnish Chief Medical Officer Rauni Kilde and another of the catchy rap Flu Song.

Below is the talk I did on October 21st with Ashiya Austin. I won’t say, ‘Enjoy,’ as I usually do. I will say, ‘Be informed.’

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