My special guest on Voices from the North on Wednesday was John Summerville, an experienced and gifted naturopath, homeopath and osteopath—a man of many paths. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that. Here’s the interview:

John spoke with passion and humour of his overseas experiences leading to his work as New Zealand’s first paid Greenpeace staff member (“I think I earned the princely sum of $1 an hour!”). The story he tells of building an 18 foot diameter paper bomb to protest France’s nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll is not to be missed. John, the bomb and then-opposition MP David Lange were front page news and caused a momentary stir in the everyday lives of New Zealanders of the day. Of course, this experience (and others) left Lange with little choice but to carry the ‘anti-nuclear’ mantle when he took up office as New Zealand’s prime minister. As current NZ leader John Key is apt to broadcast, there is distinct national pride associated with these acts and they are part of the New Zealand psyche of today.

A year of 80-90 hour work weeks with Greenpeace left John burned out. He realized he would have to heal himself before he could heal the world. A friend suggested he visit a homeopath. His first taste of homeopathy can only be described as an epiphany and changed the course of his life. ‘The next day it felt as if the whole of my previous life I’d been standing under a cloud and now I was standing in the sun. It was really profound.’

John describes the origins of homeopathy with German doctor Samuel Hahnemaun and he concludes our talk with his take on flu vaccines. During the 1918 flu pandemic there was a 28% mortality rate for people treated with conventional medicine. In startling contrast, less than 0.1 of 1% of people treated with homeopathy died. John urges people not to get caught in the emotionality of vaccines. He sees the swine flu as [just] another seasonal cold or flu, not something to be frightened of. Yes, sufferers may be a little more achy or feverish but then John reminds us of the importance of drinking plenty of fluids and resting. He has had clients who’ve had the ‘so-called swine flu’ for six weeks and it has been gone within a week of being treated with homeopathy.

Vaccinations can suppress the immune system and are not a ‘cure all.’ I’m amazed at how much discussion there currently is concerning vaccines. John cited a study stating the vaccination compliance rate for US health care workers was only 40%. What does it suggest to you if the people working with vaccines don’t want to be injected themselves?

 And here’s an interesting twist on that theme. I received an email yesterday with a link to a YouTube video speaking of mandatory vaccinations for health care workers in New York State.

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