From the White Eagle Website

From the White Eagle Website

Another offering from The Quiet Mind: Sayings of White Eagle

 Keep Your Contact (pg. 18)

 Whenever you are tired or weary, seek the Presence of the Golden One, and draw into your soul His love, His gentle beauty, His refreshment. If you can keep your certain, sure contact with God, nothing can go wrong in your life. You have no need to worry about decisions whether to do this, that or the other. Your decisions will be made for you, but you must be awakened to the spirit, quickened in spirit, so that you will instantly respond to the gentle guidance of the almighty Presence within you.

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 The following words come from the website given above:

 White Eagle – the bird of vision, of soaring wings and sunlit skies.

 A spirit guide whose teachings were revealed to Grace Cooke throughout her long life.

 The name `White Eagle’ is not attached only to an individual, but stands for a true vision through the mists of earth into a larger and more perfect life.

 The center of the White Eagle teaching is love and understanding towards all. All people, all living creatures are from the same source–the Light, the heart of Good. We are all one family, joined by a common bond, a sometimes unspoken understanding–love.

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