Voices from the North guest Krissie Khaine describes the remarkable transformation of their 94 acre Far North New Zealand property in the course of 24 years. Using organic methods, mass plantings of food-producing, flowering and timber trees and intelligent pest eradication, a former neglected cattle farm has been turned into a gorgeous, peaceful and productive sanctuary for native birds and people.

Morepork (Ruru)

Morepork (Ruru)

Krissie is a bird lover and she’s able to reproduce their sounds and call them to her. During the course of the interview she treats us to the songs of Fantails, Moreporks (Ruru) and the Shining Cuckoo—much loved native New Zealand birds.

She describes the process of developing the land as a bit of trial and error (“Will this grow well here?”), the generosity of others (providing seedlings and cuttings) and a lot of hard work. She and husband Terry have supplied organic produce to the Kaitaia community for much of their 24 years on the land.

They are periodically flooded in and sometimes flooded out. That happened to Krissie tonight after our interview. Terry called here to say their entrance was flooded and Krissie would have to stay somewhere else for the night.

Such is living in the raw with the elements.

Shining Cuckoo

Shining Cuckoo

And it is precisely this return to nature that Krissie sees as being vital to the youth of today. When grandchildren from the city visit her, they shed their fears of animals and ‘creepy crawlies’ through familiarization with these creatures. As Krissie says, “If you don’t harm them they won’t harm you.” She even has a Weta house and has the Wetas crawl all over her and the children so the young ones can discover their innate connection with the beautiful beings of nature.

Giant Weta

Giant Weta

Not everyone would describe a Weta as beautiful but each member of creation is intrinsically and inherently radiant, just like every one of us.

Krissie shares two pieces of beautiful music during the interview: Yulia’s Into the West (she and her voice have been described as ‘a gift from Heaven’) and a song perhaps never heard over the radio waves before: Aotearoa (Land of Shining White Light) by Krissie’s talented niece, Paula Feather.

My special guest suggests schools can take steps towards teaching more life skills to young people. She’s encouraged to see so many schools and children planting vegetables and fruit in the last few years. Likewise Krissie thinks more training in parenting would be helpful. Most of us who’ve had children would agree. How much did we know when we started out?

Finally Krissie points out the link between behavioural problems in youth and the incredible number of chemicals finding their way into our bodies through the food we eat when it is not organically grown.

The interview is here:

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