“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”

Oscar Wilde

We all dream but my recent special guest on Voices from the North has made it a point to look deeply into the world of dreams and to share her findings. Margaret Bowater is the New Zealand representative for the International Association for the Study of Dreams and she has written a book titles Dreams and Visions: Language of the Spirit.

Margaret Bowater

Margaret Bowater

Have a listen to this fascinating interview. Margaret covers a lot of ground including:

  • Entering into nightmares in a manner and with an intention that resolves them and, hence, resolves their underlying emotional states in waking consciousness.
  • The divinatory dream.
  • Lucid dreaming—when you realize in the dream that you are dream and therefore can take conscious action in the dream.
  • Remembering dreams has much to do with your intention and which sllep state you wake up from (eg. REM (Rapid eye Movement or the dream state or one of the deeper sleep states).
  • The literal versus the metaphorical dream.
  • Making sense of your dream metaphors.
  • The people who populate your dreams represent different issues you are experiencing in your waking state.
  • How to use the process of association before going to sleep to enhance the remembering of dreams when you wake up and using a drema journal to record them.


It is clear from ongoing scientific investigations and from the longstanding experience of traditional societies that dreams have the potential to greatly assist us in our waking states and in our lives. Dreams matter. They are a psycho-spiritual process. Use them. Work with them. They are an evolutionary gift. All mammals dream.

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Listen to the interview here:

Here are a few books Margaret mentioned during the interview:

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