Why are our schools filled with medications, nut-free policies, elimination diets and special learning programmes? Have you ever wondered if there is a connection between ADHD, allergies, asthma, autism, food intolerance, learning delay and behavioural issues? Did you know that roughly half of the children in the UK have allergies, 5% of NZ children are prescribed Ritalin, 1 in 4 children in NZ has asthma, and 1 in 10 is sensitive to the gluten in wheat?

In June, 2007 on Voices From the North  I recorded this interview with Dr. Debbie Fewtrell of Kerikeri. Dr. Fewtrell was one of the organisers and keynote speakers at the Mindd International Forum on Children that was held the month before in Takapuna, Auckland. Dr. Fewtrell is a lecturer, medical educator, and paediatric integrative medical practitioner. She is also New Zealand’s first DAN (Defeat Autism Now) medical practitioners.

This is an interview that should be of interest to parents, grandparents and educators.

Discussion covered a wide range of pertinent topics such as:

  • Healthy food information and ideas and recipes for the sensitive child that they will enjoy.
  • How to boost your child’s immunity and safe natural therapies to use with common childhood illnesses.
  • How to create a less toxic home for the benefit of the entire family.
  • How to best manage siblings of affected children who may be vulnerable and how to avoid triggers.
  • Gluten (wheat) free and/or casein (dairy) free diets made easy!
  • How to work with schools to achieve the best combination of mainstream and special educational programs.
  • The world’s latest science and research behind biomedicine that explains the current escalating rates of childhood disorders and the common themes that underpin them
  • Breathing therapy to help asthma and allergies.

Debbie’ dream at that time as stated in her words was:

My dream is to fully integrate the biomedical treatment of autism into New Zealand. In the last 5 years I have passionately pursued a professional interest in this field and I plan to develop a cohesive biomedical model so that New Zealand families can benefit from this specialised approach. This model could help significantly change the lives of autistic and ADHD children and their families.

Again the interview can be heard here:

For additional information see: http://mindd.org/serendipity/archives.php/109-Mind-Forum-2007.html

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