Russell and Gina Garcia in 2002 with Oscar Peterson

Russell and Gina Garcia in 2002 with Oscar Peterson


This Voices from the North interview was recorded with Russ and Gina Garcia in 2007. At the time this amazing couple had been married for 54 years. Russ is a world renowned composer, arranger and conductor who has worked with the likes of Fred Astaire and Louis Armstrong. Today, at 93 he is still working (although Russ hastens to say it isn’t work for him). Gina, is a professional singer, author and lyricist. Together Russ and Gina still do human values work with students in three Bay of Islands schools each week. Talk about tireless and inspirational servants of humanity.


Russ and Gina speak of leaving the Hollywood life for their six year odyssey on the Dawn Breaker that eventually brought them to New Zealand. They speak of their Baha’i life and the wisdom they’ve gleaned and shared in full, joyful lives dedicated to creating a peaceful world for ALL humans. The underlying theme is the strength of their relationship, out of which has flowed the love they share with everyone they meet.


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