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I mentioned in a recent post that I had the pleasure of interviewing Alanna Moore on my Voices From the North program. Alanna has been a dowser/geomancer for 25 years and has specialised in making ‘Power Towers’ across Australia over the last ten years. She travels the world sharing her knowledge.

In the course of the interview Alanna passed on a few gems of interest and value that I’d like to share with you now:

  • She was first introduced to dousing while in London as a young woman. She had a three month old child who was quite unwell with congestion, upset tummy etc. As Alanna was a long way from the guidance and support of family and friends in Australia, she had to find a way on her own to help her son. She knew from fellow dousers that geopathic stress, especially in the sleeping location, could adversely affect health. She moved her son’s bed and he became well almost overnight.
  • Alanna teaches of the value of rock dust made of basalt (or dolerite) in reinvigorating mineral depleted soils. She also recommends little bags of rock dust on your person when in places of strong electromagnetic fields. Supposedly the rock dust attracts the electro-pollution to it, saving your body from many of the detrimental effects. So when sitting at your computer consider her advice.
  • She spoke of how some creatures, like bees, actually benefit from strong earth energies (geopathics) that would be harmful to humans. She mentioned a New Zealand beekeeper who always placed his hives over earth energy (ley line) crossings, thereby nearly doubling his yields of honey. He also found that the Varroa Mite that is decimating hives in New Zealand and abroad, does not grow in places placed directly over earth energy. This is anecdotal information, but any beekeepers would be advised to try it.

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