I mentioned in an earlier blog that I recently interviewed Alanna Moore.

Alanna Moore

Alanna Moore

I’m now delighted to provide her interview for your listening enjoyment and education.  Alanna Moore has been a dowser/geomancer for 25 years and has specialised in making ‘Power Towers’ across Australia over the last ten years, as well as divining for devic energy fields. She likes to focus on practical applications for healing Mother Earth. She is well known amongst the international dowsing fraternity for her magazine articles, books and films. Here’s the show. It’s an inspiring one:

Alanna Moore Backyard Poultry DesignAlanna explains what dousing is and how it can be used for good health in humans and in gardens. In a nutshell, dousing is an extension of our natural faculties and a tool to improve intuition. She described a study in Austria that linked behavioural and performance problems in school children to geopathic stress in the classroom or at home. Alanna suggested that beekeepers intent on having healthy hives and maximizing honey production would be best to emulate nature when choosing locations for bee hives. She tells a story of how a renowned douser outside of Belfast moved rocks around to balance energy in the area. The long awaited peace agreement was signed just after this. Alanna Moore Stone Age Farming

Alanna’s book, Stone Age Farming, came out of research she did on ancient stone towers in Ireland. She describes permaculture and how it runs counter to the status quo together with it’s great recent success in Cuba encouraging food production within the cities. Some of Alanna’s other books include The Wisdom of Water and Back Yard Poultry Farming.

Once again my interview with Alanna is here:

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