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It is good to remind ourselves that the mind is really only a sixth sense. You are not the mind. You are so much more than that.

The mind is like a computer and you’re the programmer. That’s why I do affirmations most mornings before even my yoga and meditation. I want the program to run positively.

I think quality time spent in nature is always helpful, as is repeating mantras (if you resonate with such a practice). The mind is like a trickster. And don’t forget we live in times where there are so many negative messages around which also influence the programming. Hence we have to be particularly vigilant. What we choose to read, watch and listen to have profound impacts on the mind.

It is all about awareness. Knowing your weak times and being prepared for them. Knowing your tired times and acknowledging them AND accepting that sometimes you don’t get it right BUT next time you’ll do better.

Doing temporal tapping when affirming while looking in the mirror with a big smile may sound cheesy but it works!

It is my experience that the clearer we become the more careful and mindful we must be. That’s the responsibility we must accept for waking up.

Remaining positive is important because it is in so doing that we create positive ripples in the people and the world around us. But it is worth accepting our humanity and allowing things to be as they are. All you can do is your best. That is good enough. 

One other thing I feel is often overlooked. What we put in our mouths in the way of food and beverages can have a powerful positive or negative effect on our whole being, including our thoughts and emotions.

I hope I’ve given you some ‘food’ for thought!

John Haines is the author of In Search of Simplicity: A True Story that Changes Lives.

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