monument-valley-usa-2In this Voices from the North interview Dr. Jennifer Cornell describes her astounding experience while still in medical school in the 1980s of researching TB in the Navajo Reservation in Arizona; this is the place that contains Monument Valley, familiar scenery from Western movies. The Navajo vocabulary has no words for human body parts and no words for pain. For them health is harmony. Jennifer’s time with these people shaped her future direction in medicine and life. This interview touches areas most of us will never personally encounter. The insights are profound and fascinating.


The knowledge indigenous people have always had is only being discovered in Western culture now because technology is able to corroborate the knowledge of the ancients. I will say no more. Listen to this talk for a whole different world view that will stretch your mind. Don’t miss the stunning music in the middle of the hour, Lullaby for a Stormy Night by Vienna Teng, and the finish with Jennifer playing Native American Flute.


Here’s the complete interview:



Here’s a short extract from the interview on the Navajo Healing Perspective:




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