It was recently decided to fluoridate the drinking water in Kaitaia and Kaikohe, two small towns in New Zealand’s Far North. I have received permission from Elaine Hollingsworth to print the following words from her excellent book titled Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry. Elaine is the founder and Director of the Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia.

‘One of the greatest con jobs ever pulled on an unsuspecting public is the fluoride scam. We have the Aluminium Company of America (ALCOA) to thank for that one. This company, the largest fluoride polluter in North America because of sodium fluoride, a by-product of aluminium manufacture, faced huge lawsuits due to crop and livestock poisoning. In their search for a profitable way to rid themselves of their waste problem they came up with a brilliant idea – they decided to make us drink it!

take-control-of-your-health-book-cover‘The original fluoridation proposal was made by Dr. Gerald Cox, an employee of Mellon Institute, ALCOA’s research facility. Later attorney Oscar Ewing, who had been receiving $750,000 a year from ALCOA, transferred to the United States Public Health Service, where his salary was cut by approximately $650,000. This “noble” gesture enabled him to preside over the first experiment with fluoridated water. Halfway through the experiment, Mr. Ewing claimed it proved fluoridation was effective and safe, and recommended, in his capacity as chief of the U.S. Public Health Service, that it be implemented in the United States. Incredibly, dentists, some doctors and quite a few governments were persuaded that it was a great idea!

‘And, so it was – for ALCOA –but not for the public. Suddenly, fluoride was “in,” and it was forgotten, or ignored, that in chemistry indexes, sodium fluoride was rated as more toxic than lead and just a little less toxic than arsenic, and was considered an intractable pollutant which was dangerous to the environment. It was forgotten that it had been used as an insecticide, rodenticide, herbicide and fungicide; had been incorporated in nerve gasses; and used in frosting and etching glass, due to its powerful scouring ability There were few voices raised in the medical and dental professions drawing the obvious conclusion that if fluoride can kill bugs and animals and etch glass, it wasn’t suitable for the delicate gastrointestinal tract.

‘Allergist George Walbott, M.D., wrote of 500 of his patients who experienced dreadful symptoms due to drinking fluoridated water: dizziness, joint pain, fatigue, bloody vomit, skin rashes, gastroenteritis and hypersensitivity. He found that when they used purified water their symptoms disappeared.

‘Even if [fluoride] DID stop dental caries in children, the risk is unacceptable. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported on a study of ten non-fluoridated and 10 fluoridated cities in the U.S., matched for size, race and other factors. 26,000 excess cancer deaths were found in the fluoridated cities. This was thought to be due to fluoride’s action as an enzyme poison.

‘The government of Quebec, Canada agrees. Then scientists they appointed concluded that fluorides in water are cancer-causing and mutagenic.

‘A higher incidence of AIDS patients was found in large fluoridated cities than in large unfluoridated cities, according to the United States Centre for Disease Control. This is due to fluorides immune system-suppressant action.

‘When fluoridated water was initially proposed, individual governments in the United States embraced it enthusiastically, as did some European and most Antipodean governments. However most of the Europeans dropped it when they discovered it was dangerous and didn’t work. Fewer than 1% of Western Europeans are now subjected to fluoridation. Australia and New Zealand have the worst record in the world; ignoring the latest information, they continue dosing 66% of the population with this corrosive chemical. Through the years, due to a groundswell of indignation, vocal consumer groups and scientists’ protests, many cities in the United States have abandoned fluoridation.

‘The introduction of fluoride to our drinking water marks the first time in history that governments practice mass involuntary medication of populations. In fluoridated areas, every man, woman, child and animal was medicated, with no regard for possible allergic reactions, susceptibility, age, weight or history of illness.

‘A list of 119 scientists who oppose fluoridation was compiled by the London Anti-Fluoridation Campaign. The list includes Nobel Prize winners, and reads like a Who’s Who of the scientific community. This is one of the statements they released to the press: “FLUORIDATION IS THE GREATEST SCIENTIFIC FRAUD OF THE [TWENTIETH] CENTURY, IF NOT OF ALL TIME.”’

Elaine Hollingsworth has obviously done extensive research into the subject of fluoride and the above excerpts represent only a fraction of the ten pages she has dedicated to the Truth about fluoride. Her book containing common sense solutions and insight into osteoporosis, Alzeimer’s Disease and much, much more is available in New Zealand by calling Dawn Stewart of Body Tech at (03) 2156744 or emailing


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