In this Voices from the North interview recorded at Shangri La in New Zealand’s far north, John engages Gentle World co-founders Light and Sun in a wide-ranging philosophical discussion on the ethics of a vegan non-violent lifestyle.

Sun and Light are celebrating forty years from the day they decided to do everything in their power to stop being part of the violence in this world. On that day they stopped eating meat. Becoming a vegan is an ethical decision. For some this decision is lasting. This couple have not strayed from the course they set in motion all those years ago.

Despite making the choice for ethical reasons, they have found their health has also improved. But as Light points out in the interview, “Even if becoming a vegan made me limp, I’d do it.” Obviously, that depth of commitment comes from someone who feels deeply and compassionately about all beings, not just human beings. Light has been known to give an interesting twist to the Golden Rule. “Do unto animals as you would have them do unto you.”

Light tells the story of veteran broadcaster Paul Harvey having the chimpanzee Washoe on his show. In 1965 Washoe was taken from her home in the wilds of West Africa by the U.S. Air Force for space research. This is the chimp that had learned to sign over 250 words in American Sign Language and taught them to other chimpanzees. The three words she signed to Paul Harvey were, “Let me out!



These three words changed Paul Harvey’s life. Washoe had spent her life in captivity so that humans could do research on her. All she wanted was to be free.

Sun wraps up our interview by way of a heartfelt appeal for humanity to deeply consider the possibility of evolving individually and collectively to ‘non-violence’ as a way of life. She says, “The next evolutionary step for humankind is to move from human to kind.” And she asks each of us to expand our compassion beyond the bounds of our families, or our race or our religion or even humanity to embrace all beings with love.


The move to let go of our old patterns of eating may seem difficult for many. Listen to these two deep thinking and acting people to receive the inspiration required to make another step towards stopping being a part of the violence in this world. They have demonstrated by their living examples that change is possible at any time. They’d be quick to point out that we are each a ‘work in progress’. Each individual simply needs to be the changes they want to see in the world, one small step at a time. Then the day will come when the lion sleeps with the lamb.


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