I have transcribed below a set of affirmations I have used and enjoyed for many years. I received a copy of them from a friend, but I know not the source of the original words. I am posting these affirmations here because I trust that others will derive as much benefit from them as I have. If anyone knows the original source of these words please let me know. I would like to include them in a book on affirmations I am working on and I would like to get permission to use them in print and to acknowledge the source.




I am a clear and open channel for divine power and love.


I am perfect just as I am.

I now stop judging myself and others for what simply is.


Every individual is on their own particular path of self realization and our experience is a reflection of this.


I am relaxed, confident and efficient.

I am completely safe.


There is nothing to fear.

Therefore, I fear nothing or no one.

I accept and love everyone and everything as it is – and everyone accepts and loves me as I am.


I now stop holding back and stifling my feelings.

I now allow all my feelings to flow freely.


Everything works out exactly as it should for everyone concerned.

Therefore I need not worry about the past, the present or the future.

I trust implicitly the process of life.


The universe never lets me down.

My intuition never fails me.

I am always guided in my thoughts and actions.

Every moment I am fulfilling my destiny.


Life is for me a joyous – loving – exciting – learning – growing – forever journey.

And I am forever (I use ‘eternally’ instead of ‘forever’ here) grateful.

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