When we wake up; when we gain the realization of Reality; when we experience the Absolute we experience the Stillness, we experience ourselves, we know who we are. In the Stillness there is no limitation, there is no space or time, no thought and no mind, nothing ever existed; there are no problems, no distinctions between you and me or us and them; there is only unity.


This experience of Reality may be gifted to you, as it was to me, or it may be something you find through true meditation, through the deliberate creation of stillness. When you accept everything as it is; when you neither accept nor reject anything that occurs; when you make no distinctions even though the mind continues to make distinctions; when you assume no relationship to what you are experiencing, there is a great and profound liberation; there is an understanding of the Absolute.


Absolute is not spelled with a capital for nothing. It is unlimited. It is immense. It is unimaginable. It is unknowable. Yet when it is experienced there is a profound feeling of peace.


So this waking up is important. Finding out who we are is one of the great reasons for being here. But, there is more to the equation of being fully human. Life is not just Stillness. There is also volition, there is activity. The art of living is bringing the awareness of Stillness, of the Absolute, of who we are, into our lives.


How do we bring this experience of reality into our lives? How do we bring the awareness of unlimitedness, of the realization that there are no distinctions, into this world of distinctions, into this world of light and dark, of hot and cold, of you and me?


This truly is the art of living, of being fully human.


Suggested reading:


The Yoga of the Christ, Murdo MacDonald-Bayne

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