In Search of Simplicity: A True Story that Changes Lives is an exciting travel adventure beginning in the Middle East and finishing in America. In between I (it is my story) found myself swept along on a synchronistic ride carrying me through every continent but South America.


In Search of Simplicity book-cover-targetis a travel adventure with a difference. With no conscious intention, I found myself following in the footsteps of the Masters of old.


For two years I lived on the outskirts of Medina, a holy city of Islam, in the shadow of The Prophet’s Mosque. It was from Medina that Muhammad mounted many of his campaigns and it is in Medina that his bones have been laid to rest. This holy city in the desert is a place of annual pilgrimage for millions of Muslims.


I stood at Capernaum and felt the presence of a master healer and relived the story of his multiplying the loaves and the fishes. I literally traced the fated and fatal final journey of that healer of the spirit, Jesus, through the streets of Old Jerusalem, another holy city. And I followed what may have been his own steps of discovery and learning in the Indian Subcontinent, accounting for some of the lost 18 years of the New Testament.


I sat in wonder under a descendent of the original boddhi tree under which, 2,500 years before, Buddha had sat and attained enlightenment. I wondered then, as I still do now, if others with similar focused intention could find liberation from the suffering of this world.


In Search of Simplicity is imbued with, is fired, with magical coincidences and mysterious encounters. Read of a few of these encounters in the Hunza here.


It is my wish that in reading this extraordinary true story of an ordinary man, me, that your life too takes on a magical quality; where you know that anything is possible; where your dreams, like mine, come true even before they are known or enunciated; where every moment is an adventure, and where you return to that place of child-like wonder, marvelling at the magic and the mystery of existence.