In this Voices From the North interview Roselyn DeGaris describes the history of Tarot cards including the place of mystery schools and esoteric initiation. Rose sees the cards as an oracular tool when people are in moments of uncertainty.


She speaks of her personal training in the use of Tarot. The cards have helped her work through her own fears and deepen her understanding of life. While training with Imre Vallyon during a three week retreat at Lake Taupo in New Zealand in the mid 80s, Rose had a number of mystical experiences and, as she says, “I looked into the face of God and it was Love.” Part of the training was to spend a day with most of the Major Arcana cards, to meditate on them and their colour and energy. She returned home a changed person.


Her intention with Tarot has always been healing—to bring people to a place of peace and understanding and my observations (I’ve known this special woman for twenty years. We met in Dharmsala in Northern India only months after I met Lucia in the same place) would indicate that she has been successful in this regard.


The most profound teachings she has been exposed to in the course of her 55 years have been the two years of channelling of Ramas she attended in Adelaide. Over and over it was stressed to Rose that everything comes down to love, peace, harmony and, particularly, forgiveness. Her journey in deepening her understanding of Tarot has been to learn to trust her intuition. She came to find that she always could trust her intuition provided her heart was filled with peace and understanding; in other words, provided her intention was pure.


Do enjoy this recommended interview. The music/words are from Tobias as channelled by Geoffrey Hoppe. See the other blog, The Call To Awaken I wrote inspired by Tobias and the related Mythic Call post. Do enjoy.


Imre Vallyon was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1940. At the age of 16, he emigrated to New Zealand, where he still lives with his wife and teenage children. Of a keenly religious nature, he immersed himself in Yoga, Zen, Sufism, Catholicism, Eastern Mysticism, Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, and Psychology. He has written numerous books such as The Magical Mind; The Art Of Meditation; Heart To Heart Talks; The Sedona Talks; The Divine Plan; Chants Of Illumination