Jazz is music that evokes a vast range of emotions in its listeners. Music built on individualism and compromise, independence and cooperation. What does it mean to you? What great names come to mind? Scott Joplin. Louis Armstrong. Count Basie. Stan Kenton. Miles Davis. What about the instruments – piano, bass, trumpet and saxophone. Loose-boundaried improvisation. Smoke-filled clubs in New Orleans, Chicago and New York. Ever-evolving styles including the smooth-jazz saxaphonists of more recent times like Grover Washington Jr. and Kenny G.


A few years ago Reese Helmondollar received a dramatic wake up call in the form of a heart attack. After recovering, he decided life was too precious to be doing anything less than that which he truly loved—to play and perform jazz saxaphone. Join Reese as he chats with John about his roots in the Appalachians through life around the jazz clubs of New York City to selling organic vegetables from the back of a truck on an island in Greece.



Listen as Reese shares music associated with the various stages in his life and plays several genres with three different saxaphones and a clarinet. This laid back Voices from the North interview is sure to touch and perhaps ignite the music in your soul.



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