The Northlander Newspaper

The Northlander Newspaper

A recent guest on Voices from the North was Far North native Kaye Dragicevich. Kaye is passionate about the local history of the Far North. As she says, it has really gripped her. She feels compelled to interview elderly people and capture in print their family stories. These stories deserve to be shared. In our relatively affluent world of today it easy to take for granted the huge efforts made by those who have come before.


Kaye also works with John Edmonds, who is a descendant of the Northwood family. is John Edmonds’ website where you can view the outstanding Northwood photos from the 1890s to 1950 that John has restored. The original photos were made on glass plates. is Kaye’s website. Kaye is busy writing a book to commemorate the upcoming reunion of the Matthews clan on April 10, 11 and 12, 2009. Reverend Joseph and Marianne Matthews and William Gilbert Puckey and his wife established a mission station in Kaitaia in 1833 and potentially 1000 descendants of Reverend Joseph and Marianne Matthews could get together in April, 2009.


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