John Haines’ Search for Simplicity

September 7, 2008

by Jason Rip

Special To The News

He has been called an Indiana Jones of the spirit.

John Haines’ life has taken him from business executive to global adventurer to author. His first book, In Search of Simplicity, chronicles the many exciting – and enlightening – changes and coincidences in his life so far.

It started with Haines being one of six Westerners involved in a Kashmir plane hijacking. The hijackers had threatened to blow up the plane and, as Haines reports, when that worse case scenario didn’t play out, the passengers cheered, jumped for joy, and even hugged their assailants. That was when Haines knew that his sedate life as a manager for Bell Canada International was crying out for a change.

What follows is a long string of epic adventures: being grabbed by a “ghost” in the Himalayas (a mysterious hand grabbed his ankle and wouldn’t let go while he sheltered in the dark shadow of a glacier), hitch-hiking through New Zealand, where he now resides, and contracting spinal meningitis in Norway. This latter adventure saw Haines slipping into a coma, waking just in time to tell the doctor that he was allergic to penicillin, and then slipping right back into it.

Aside from his transition from the corporate life to the life of a world traveler, Haines has increasingly felt the need to “do more than live the life, but share it.” He describes his new book as “an autobiographical travel adventure story that reads like a novel.” It claims to probe into the true nature of “so-called coincidences,” and empower its readers with the potential for “personal awakening.”

Haines feels a deep connection to Tillsonburg. His mother Audrey lives here and he is able to make the visit back every few years. In addition to his writing, Haines is also a radio host, a natural health instructor, and a conductor of “playshops” in voice, sound, and expression.

Copies of In Search of Simplicity can be ordered from or by calling toll free 1-866-308-6235